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Athena Mobility | Atlanta Bed Collection
Athena Mobility | Atlanta Bed Collection

Popular Fabric Options

Athena Mobility | Athena Bed Colors

Atlanta Collection

The contemporary design of the Atlanta collection is highly desirable for those looking for the more modern aesthetic. With its clean and discreet styling its versatility allows it to fit perfectly into any bedroom. The luxurious comfort offered by the Atlanta bed is further enhanced by the smart motors found within the frame. With only a touch of a button those difficulties of getting in and out of the bed will soon become a thing of the past.

Popular Mattress Options

Athena Mobility | Bed Mattress 4
Clinical Grade Mattress

Reflexion Pressure Relief - Hospital-tested pressure relief memory foam performance technology, especially suitable for those with pain sensitive conditions or pressure relief concerns.

Athena Mobility | Bed Mattress 2
Reflex foam mattress

Offering a firm feel and renowned particularly for high restitution, a property of the foam which returns the mattress to its starting shape after compression giving excellent long-life shape retention qualities with very little change over very long periods of heavy use.

Athena Mobility | Bed Mattress 3
Memory foam mattress

The combination of reflex foam supporting a top layer of memory foam provides a unique contour support of your body whilst maintaining complete comfort making it a popular choice amongst those who suffer from back aches and pains.

Popular Headboard Options

For the Atlanta and the Olympus collections we have some beautifully designed headboards to suit all tastes; luxuriously detailed and charmingly plumped available in your choice of fabric.

Athena Mobility | Headboard Curved
Curved Headboard

The soft curves at the top of this headboard and the generously padded centre radiate luxury to slip effortlessly into a comfort filled bedroom.

Athena Mobility | Headboard Classic
Classic Headboard

The more elegant style of the traditional headboard adds a touch of timeless beauty to your bed for a stylish statement.

Athena Mobility | Headboard Padded Square
Padded Square Headboard

The subtle and sleek design of the square headboard is often the perfect match for your bedroom, the added padding gives it a little more personality.

Athena Mobility | Headboard Square
Square Headboardup

The subtle and sleek design of the square headboard is often the perfect match for your bedroom.

Popular Accessory Options

Athena Mobility | Bed Accessory Castor

A castor option is available at no additional cost to help make the bed easier to move.

Athena Mobility | Bed Accessory Massage
Massage System

Why not indulge in luxury and relaxation with our built in massage system that is designed to help ease those aches and pains.

Athena Mobility | Bed Accessory Mattress Protection
Mattress protection

Maintain the life of your mattress with protective covers designed to be robust whilst maintaining comfort.

Bed Sizing

Athena Mobility | Bed Sizing Big
Athena Mobility | Bed Sizing Small

All of our beds are available in a single, double or dual options. Most measurements can be adjusted based on user preference and need, this includes the height, length and width of the bed.