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Clio Collection

The Clio offers you a beautiful balance between comfort, support and style. Specially designed for the primary use of leather, the Clio gives you a sleek and sensational feel that only leather can offer. Whether the environment is traditional or contemporary the Clio will feel right at home. Nothing quite compares to deep, soft cushion feel the Clio delivers.

Athena Mobility | Athena Chair Collection
Athena Mobility | Athena Chair Collection

Popular Leather Options

Only a small selection of the fabric range is shown here by Crestleather.

Athena Mobility | Athena Chair Colors

Popular Accessories

Athena Mobility | Chair accessory 1
Heat and Massage

Indulge in generous relaxation and comfort with our heated massage system built into your chair. Have complete control over intensity and heat with a specialist independent remote at your fingertips.

Athena Mobility | Chair accessory 2
Head Cushion

Further your comfort even more with a specially designed Head Cushion in your matching fabric. To fit seamlessly with your new chair needs.

Athena Mobility | Chair accessory 3
Neck support

Providing additional support where you may need it most, the neck support will fulfil your needs.

Popular Accessories

Athena Mobility | Chair accessory 1
Arm protectors

Protect your chair arms with a pair of removable covers that will come in your chairs matching fabric.

Athena Mobility | Chair accessory 2
Scatter cushions

Complete your stylish look with fabric matching scatter cushions to make your chair feel at home.

Athena Mobility | Chair accessory 3
Battery back up

A rechargeable battery system allowing you freedom to position your chair anywhere in your home, even away from mains sockets.

Popular Motor Options

Athena Mobility | Chair model 1
Single motor High Leg Lift
A standard motor that serves the needs of most people.

This is the most popular motor we supply in our chairs as it serves the crucial need of raising the legs and feet above the hips, which can help to relieve a number of health related problems.

Athena Mobility | Chair model 2
Wall Hugger High Leg Lift
If you would like your chair close to the wall, this is ideal for you.

The advanced single motor that is used in our wall hugger chairs differs from traditional concepts as it will allow your feet and legs to be raised above your hips, which is highly uncommon and unique. The greatest advantage to our chairs with the wall hugger motor is that it requires very little space for the motor to function.

Athena Mobility | Chair model 3
Dual motor High Leg Lift
Allows the user to control the back and footrest independently.

The dual motor allows the user even more control. The footrest and the back of the chair work completely independently of one another, meaning you are able to lower the back without raising the footrest or vice versa.

Chair Sizing

Every chair is made to fit or completely bespoke ensuring the chair is made suitable for you.
There are generally five dimensions that are unique to every user, as can be seen in the diagram below.

Athena Mobility | Chair model 1

Matching Settees available

In your chair design and fabric choice.

Athena Mobility | Chair Variations